DR. Esther Muchemi


We continue with the journey of women creating wealth.

And today I want to speak of some biases that may hinder you as a woman in this journey.

1)Culture background.

You grew up being told that women are good only to give birth, cook and take care of children and you believe it.

It is not true you are much more than that.


You were told some careers are only for some people eg. men and not you.

It is not true, you are as good as them. As engineers, pilots etc.

To be able to do this, you must first of all believe and validate yourself that you can do it.

3.Imposter Syndrome

This is the feeling that you are not good enough, that your skills, talents aren’t good enough.

Do not conform to this. You are good at what you do and you deserve a seat at the table.

4)Emotional Beings

Women are termed as emotional beings and therefore they are not fit to hold leadership positions.

It’s not true. Actually the emotional side of women helps us connect better with the people we lead hence better relations and productivity by extension.

5)Motherhood Bias

The fact that women are likely to become expectant is a projected bias to them. The are discriminated upon and left out even when promotions are due.

It’s not true. Women are very competent to work even while raising children. We may be prone to more emergencies than men however we are equally as productive if not better.

6) Feminity..beauty vs brains

Your are not a flower girl, to serve tea in the boardroom.

And yes, you are beautiful,and your brains are equal to any other.

So slay and work hard, put your best brains forward.

Let’s talk. What other things hold us back as women?

Share with me in the comment section.

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