DR. Esther Muchemi


It’s tough this we must agree. As a people we are in a make it or make it position.

As a person , as a business person I have internalized this.

With the dollar rate gone to Ksh 141

With fuel price gone to Ksh 195.50

I can only imagine the cost of doing business will not be easy.

This is the conversation we are having with my people.

How do we grow revenue?

How do we reduce cost?

Any cost that nears or is a luxury will go down by ” force!”

All loopholes bringing our revenue down must be closed, including attitude.

If I don’t focus on this,” nitalilia kwa choo” as the wise man said.

So let me focus on what I know best, working to put food on the table.

My naked truth, at the end of the day is I need to feed myself and the people who work for me.

So let me focus.

By the way are you aware that those who went to till land , a few months ago are about to harvest?

Be wise!

Madam CEO.

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