DR. Esther Muchemi

Give Me My Mountain – Book Synopsis

Esther Muchemi’s remarkable journey to success is a testament to her unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit. From humble beginnings, she embarked on a path that would lead her to become one of Kenya’s most accomplished businesswomen, earning numerous accolades and recognition both locally and internationally.

In 2000, Esther Muchemi laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial venture by establishing Samchi Telecom. At that time, mobile technology was on the cusp of revolutionizing the country, and she seized the opportunity to enter the market. Samchi Telecom initially focused on selling airtime, but it soon became evident that Esther had a unique vision for the future of mobile financial services.

In 2009, Samchi Telecom was honored as the top M-Pesa agent by Safaricom, the leading mobile network operator in Kenya. This recognition marked the beginning of a series of achievements for Esther and her company. Over the years, Samchi Telecom consistently maintained its position as the foremost airtime dealer for Safaricom, cementing its reputation as a trusted and reliable provider.

Notably, Samchi Telecom played a pivotal role in the early stages of M-Pesa, the revolutionary mobile money transfer service. As the pioneer M-Pesa dealer, Esther Muchemi’s company served as the testing ground for the innovative platform. For six months, Samchi Telecom hosted the pilot phase of M-Pesa before its nationwide rollout. In fact, Esther herself made history by being the first person in Kenya to conduct an M-Pesa transaction, holding the prestigious till number 0001.

Through her inspiring journey, Esther Muchemi has not only achieved remarkable success in business but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her story is one of resilience, strategic vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In her book, she shares the invaluable lessons learned from her experiences, providing guidance and motivation for those who seek to follow in her footsteps.

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